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City Expansion + Duplication

This week I’ve duplicated my city-scape, and greatly increased the size of it using the Cloner tool covered in the last post – basically allowing me to procedurally generate a city from only a few core buildings. Here are some screen shots:

Here are some different angles of the city as it currently is.



I add this city across from the original. It is simply a duplicate with the random seed changed up about 20%. I added this to allow for a bit of continuity in shots in the scene, so that the buildings can be seen well into the background, as opposed to just being a small patch of city in the middle of nothing.

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Rethinking City-Scape design

I’ve been playing around with different ways to achieve the city-management that I want within the 3D package, and I’ve discovered how valuable the “Cloner” tool is. This allows me to move multiple objects(in this case, buildings) into the Cloner, and it spits out duplicates in your chosen formation. Here are some examples; I think I will be using this method to expand the city:

We can see in the first two images I’m playing with the “radial” formation option – in the bottom and third screenshot, I’m utilizing the “grid array” option allowing me to create empty spaces working as roads in between the buildings.

City-Scape Concepts

Concepts for the city-scape.


I’m thinking of using squares/rectangle deformers and extruding them then placing them next to each other and varying the size/height of them to create a basic city skyline. This means I can customize each piece of the city as I want.
Some sketch screenshots from a bit of the work I was doing today:

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Concepts for Project One

The artist Mike Winkelmann, who posts very regularly on his site, posted a looped piece of a neon style city created within Cinema 4D that looked amazing. He posts a lot of his work on his site in the forms of project files for users to download and take apart to understand how he arrived at the final stage.

Here’s a link to the loop:

I’m thinking of something around the same style for my own project.

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