My Project One Progression


January 2016

City-Scape Concepts

Concepts for the city-scape.


I’m thinking of using squares/rectangle deformers and extruding them then placing them next to each other and varying the size/height of them to create a basic city skyline. This means I can customize each piece of the city as I want.
Some sketch screenshots from a bit of the work I was doing today:

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Concepts for Project One

The artist Mike Winkelmann, who posts very regularly on his site, posted a looped piece of a neon style city created within Cinema 4D that looked amazing. He posts a lot of his work on his site in the forms of project files for users to download and take apart to understand how he arrived at the final stage.

Here’s a link to the loop:¬†

I’m thinking of something around the same style for my own project.

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